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Bojnice Town Library

Basic information about the library

library Bojnice

The town library of Bojnice is a state-funded institution. In the library system of the Slovak Republic it is one of the public town libraries with a universal library collection.

The founder of the library is the town of Bojnice. The library is located in  the southeast part of Hurban Square in a building originally built in renaissance style. The building is a cultural monument.

Bojnice Library organizes activities in cultural and information areas, supports lifelong learning, intellectual development for the citizens of Bojnice. All this is based on the UNESCO Manifesto on public libraries, with respect to the principle of equal access for all people regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, language or social status.

The library was established in 1922.

The organization system consists of two closely linked components: library and information services and funding, and economy activities.

Currently, the library book fund contains more than 32,000 books. The library has about 1,000 members on average. In the year 2014, 785 readers were registered, of which 505 were adults. They borrowed the 25,063 documents of which 116 were interlibrary loans within Slovakia. The library has held 118 events with 2,819 guests.

The library has two departments: one for adults and one for children and adolescent. Library staff can help with acquiring information from various sources for studying and retraining. They also offer different possibilities for spending leisure time and provide small children with their first reading experience.

photo library children's department Bojnice

The library has offered basic information at services, since the year 1993. Based on trade license it also provides expanded services including the following : rental of premises, accommodation, photocopying, laminating, fax, internet services, and bookbinding, services with database and data processing as well as selling books.Their store also provides school and office supplies with other kinds of goods.